tiistai 15. lokakuuta 2019

More Action Less Talk

I watched the TV report young people against climate change this weekend in Finland. Reporters interviewed some of them, and it revealed that their knowledge was limited. They shifted responsibility to decision-makers. On the other hand, some journalists seemed amused by the energy of the youngsters. Then there was this Swedish environmental activist, Greta Thunberg, who gave a fiery speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference on 23 September 2019. He openly accused adult people partly with reason, but the accusation is no more than a charge, whereby the goal itself is buried under the finger of the index.

The world is in a position where everyone has to give up comfort and come up with constructive suggestions to bring about change. Moreover, these changes must begin immediately. For example, when detecting the harmfulness of private motoring, governments could adjust the dates for prohibiting private motoring. These and other similar decisions would get people used to what purer living means instead of blaming.  In reality, very few people have to use a private car in Finland for business trips.
I wondered how goods are thrown into the trash when there is only one small broken particle. To reduce this, the European Union should develop standards defining standards for serial production parts. This way, all computer cases would be matched, all batteries would work on all similar devices, operating systems should work on all processors, so this incompatibility would not leave the devices in boxes or landfill. The ballpoint pen cartridges would fit into all pen cases, and the top and bottom of the pens would be standardized for twisted standards. These recyclables would create enormous jobs, and in the future would no longer necessarily sell whole equipment but only parts that a new profession would install. The consumer would not buy the device, but for a particular kind of overall service. As this increase in recycling would reduce manufacturers' income, they should be allowed to implement this change.

The governments should regulate Holiday tourism by setting a kilometer or emission limit for an individual. Buying these kilometers from other people must also be made impossible. Otherwise the poor would sell them to the better-paid ones. The need for such restrictions would be eliminated if the vehicles became pollution-free. The device manufacturers' promises of less polluting cars should not be taken as actions to slow down climate change. Global activity is almost criminal because it slows down and often also eliminates local production of services and products and recycling of parts.
While these suggestions may not be the best ones, they are a step in the right direction. Implementing change is the most challenging step in combating climate change. An action that everyone hates and accuses each other of taking more significant steps to combat practical steps. Sure, this is not a conscious activity, but in the face of change, emotions are on the surface so that excesses will come. Besides, an attack is the best defense. Now, however, the world is at the point that it cannot attack but merely defend the right of future generations to exist.

This writing started with a poem that marvels at human beings. It goes like this

I don't know why human beings are so strange.
The world is in its death bed,
But human beings only invent excuses
Why changes are impossible to realize.
Juveniles accuse adults
And adults say youths are dreamers.
Both sides think that we should not save
The world as those people hurt earth more
Than us.
© Yelling Rosa
2/10 -10

PS Maybe one of the readers is wondering if that guy can afford to suggest more difficult things to people's lives. He/she is right in the sense that we all are destroying our nest here. Don't worry, yes, I love amenities and suffer the loss, but now we are in a situation where attitudes have to change.


The consumption virus

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Do you know what this is?

It is a consumption virus that lives almost in every person's veins in the world. It hates everything that stops consumption and whispers to master animal's ear why people can't hold down consumption. One of its most persuasive arguments is that you can't go backward. In its view, increasing human resources is an absolute move into the Dark Ages. Even for the Stone Age, says the consumption virus.

Despite the efforts of responsible people, the impoverishment of the earth and the rape of the climate continue. The viruses tell to their disease carriers to call those environment activists as the modern-day destroyers. Every time the disease carrier manages to win the debate, the virus lays more eggs to master's cells. However, I wonder whose greed and thoughtlessness these creatures drink when people have disappeared from the planet. Perhaps then they are happy and sit on the top of the hill, saying, "We are the last to ride to the sunset."

The picture is an enlargement of the consumption virus.

PS Usually, viruses don't lay eggs, but these are weird.

sunnuntai 22. syyskuuta 2019

Будь моим светом-Oletko sinä valoni-Are You My Light

Будь моим светом (in Russian)

Будь моей звездой,
Будь моим светом
Который никогда не гаснет,
Потому что земная любовь
Нуждается в тепле огня.
© Yelling Rosa
19/9 -19

Oletko sinä valoni (in Finnish)


Oletko sinä tähti,
oletko sinä valoni,
joka ei koskaan sammu,
sillä rakkaus maallinen
kaipaa tulen lämpöä.
© Yelling Rosa
19/9 -19

Are You My Light (in English)


Are you my star,
Are you my light,
That never extinguishes
Because earthly love
Needs the warmth
Of the fire.
© Yelling Rosa
19/9 -19

keskiviikko 4. syyskuuta 2019

Один – Alone – Sam –Yksin

Один (In Russian)

Я сижу в кафе книга в руке.
Я вижу все, я все умею,
А никто же меня не учил знать тебя.
Возможно, поэтому я плачу один.
Yelling Rosa
3/9 –19


Alone by © Yelling Rosa 2019

Alone (In English)

I am sitting in a cafe with a book in my hand.
I see everything, and I can do everything
But no one taught me to know you.
Perhaps that is why I am crying alone.
© Yelling Rosa
3/9 -19

The unconfessed confusion of the Book-learned

Sam (in Polish)

Siedzę w kawiarni z książką w ręku.
Widzę wszystko, mogę wszystko
Ale nikt mnie nie nauczył poznać ciebie.
Być może dlatego płaczę sam.
© Yelling Rosa
3/9 –19
Korekta tekstu Marcus Scriptor

Yksin (in Finnish)

Istun kahvilassa kirja nokkani alla.
Minä näen kaiken, ja taidan kaiken,
mutta mikään ei paljasta sinua.
Siksikö olen yksin ja allapäin.
© Yelling Rosa
3/9 -19

sunnuntai 25. elokuuta 2019

Loppuräjähdys - The Final Bang


Lipsahti Jumalilta käsistä kokonaisuus,
ja alkoi hajoaminen sekoittaen yhteyden,
kodon, rakkauden asua kiinni järjen seinämissä.
Oliot pelkkää ovat vahinkoa kuin karkaava universumi.
Miten veren on todentuminen kaiken aineen tehdessä loppua?
Ennen alkuräjähdystä oleva rukoilee liikkeen kulkevan lähes ääretöntä
ympyrää palaten alkukohtuun koskaan karkaamatta sieltä sillä nyt he tietävät
ei jakautuminen ole uusien henkien synty vaan pois elämästä ja lämmöstä rynnimistä.
© Yelling Rosa
29/10 –17

The Final Bang

Wholeness slipped from the hands of Gods
And dissolution stirring up the unity of the holiness,
The warmth of dwelling tight against the strong walls of reason.
Those, before the Big Bang, are praying for that motion is a huge circle
Which finally ends up back into the pre-existing womb without running away again
As they know now parting is not the beginning of the new spirits but a departure from
The cordiality of life.
© Yelling Rosa
29/10 -17

tiistai 20. elokuuta 2019

Ангел поет песню - Angels sing the song

Через горы
Ангел поет песню
которую ты слышишь
С твоим сердцем.
© Yelling Rosa
19/8 –19

CARMEN © Yelling Rosa 2019

Through the mountains
Angels sing the song
Which you hear
With your heart.
© Yelling Rosa
19/8 -19

maanantai 15. heinäkuuta 2019

будь собой - Be Yourself

будь собой


Иди на запад
И будь лучшим
Или останься
на востоке
И будь собой.
© Yelling Rosa
12/7 –19 

Be Yourself
Go to west
And be the best
Or stay in east
And be yourself.
© Yelling Rosa
12/7 -19

torstai 27. kesäkuuta 2019

Не открой дверь - Don’t Open Your Door

Не открой дверь для них
которые не закрывают её
когда покидают дом.
© Yelling Rosa
20/6 -19

The leaves 01 © Yelling Rosa

Don’t open your door to
Them who don’t close it
When they leave
the house.
© Yelling Rosa
20/6 –19

The Leaves 02 © Yelling Rosa