keskiviikko 2. syyskuuta 2020

Liikaa sanoja; Too Many Words; Слишком много слов


Liikaa sanoja

Sanoja on liikaa,
kun ei tiedä,
mitä niiden kanssa
© Yelling Rosa














Too Many Words

There are too many words
When you don´t know
What to do with them.
© Yelling Rosa















Слишком много слов

Слишком много слов
Когда ты не знаешь
Что с ними делать.
© Yelling Rosa



torstai 27. elokuuta 2020

A Sparrow On The Window Ledge

The day before yesterday, I was down by the blue riverside and didn’t know how to pull myself together. Finally, I prayed that Lord relieved me from the pain that was tearing me into pieces. I fell asleep without getting any help. After a while, I waked up because I felt that a bird was singing in my room. It was on the window ledge, but the window was open. I peeped behind the curtain, and I saw a little sparrow who sang from the bottom of its heart. It was slightly downy so that it has stared its first summer and everything was new for it. I knocked the window gently to get its attention, but it didn’t respond. When I added the volume, it almost fell from the ledge before it flew away. I managed to snap many pictures but only reached its back.

This incident helped me, but only a moment. The dark clouds started to gather around me again. I crept back to my bed even it was sunny noon. I was on the twilight light zone when I heard a muffled bump. “Too heavy approaching,” I smiled and checked that everything was all right. Yes, my savior from heaven sat again on the window ledge and perhaps thought: “What was that. I didn’t see anything”. I dressed and went out, saying to myself: “If that small creature has the strength to move on, I can’t be worse.”

© Yelling Rosa
30/6 -19

tiistai 21. heinäkuuta 2020

Yö; Natten; The Night;

Yö ei koreille,
ei pröystäille,
ei vainoa
ei kiusaa,
sillä mikä
© Yelling Rosa
18/6 –20














Natten inte prålar,
inte bröstar sig
ingen förföljer
eller plågar
för vad
i natten
har i ljuset
© Yelling Rosa
18/6 –20












The Night

The night doesn’t dazzle
Doesn’t boast,
No one persecutes
Or torments
For what
In the night
Has in the light
© Yelling Rosa
18/6 –20

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tiistai 19. toukokuuta 2020

Собственные сумерки; Own Twilight; Oma hämärä; Crepusculo proprie

Лучше собственные сумерки

собственные сумерки
чем странный
© Yelling Rosa
16/5 –20

Better Own Twilight

Better own twilight
than the strange
©️Yelling Rosa
16/5 –20

Parempi oma hämärä

oma hämärä
kuin outo
©️ Yelling Rosa
16/5 –20

Melior crepusculo proprie

Crepusculo proprie
Que le luce
©️ Yelling Rosa
16/5 –20

Languages: Russian, English, Finnish and Interlingua

lauantai 25. huhtikuuta 2020

На моём пути; On My Own Path

On My Own Path, Yelling Rosa



On My Own Path
На моём пути
I’m not the one
they say I am.
Я нет такой,
Как люди говорят
I have never been
Я никогда не был
What they’re saying.
Что они утверждают.
I am somebody nobody knows.
я тот, кого никто не знает.
And now I’m leaving
all this behind.
И сейчас я бросаю всё за спину мою.
On my own path I hear how
На моём пути я слышу как
The golden fairy sings
Золотая фея поёт
The silver ballad to me.
Мне серебряную балладу.
The wild horses run in the forest
Дикие лошади бегают в лесу
That is repeating forever love.
Который повторяет  вечную любовь.

Thank you my Lord for giving me light in loneliness
Слава Богу, что ты помог мне,
by telling me it’s not a sin to be alone,
когда ты сказал, что одиночество – это не грех.
if you are made fun of being you.
если люди тебя издеваются из-за твоего
On my own path I hear how
На мне пути я слышу как
The golden fairy sings
Золотая фея поёт
The silver ballad to me.
Мне серебряную балладу.
The wild horses run in the forest
Дикие лошади бегают в лесу
That is repeating forever love.
Который повторяет
On My Own Path
На моём пути
Copyright © Yelling Rosa

keskiviikko 15. huhtikuuta 2020

Моя бабушка; Mummoni; My Grandmother

Моя бабушка

Моя бабушка наказывала только тех,
кого хотела любить.
Иногда я надеялся
Что она бы любила
меня менее,
но теперь, как старик
Я горжусь ею
© Yelling Rosa
15/4 -20

Minun mummoni

Minun mummoni kuritti vain niitä,
joita hän rakasti.
Joskus toivoin,
että hän rakastaisi vähemmän
mutta nyt vanhana miehenä
olen ylpeä hänen
© Yelling Rosa
15/4 -20











My Grandmother

My grandmother punished only those
whom she wanted to love.
Sometimes I was hoping
That she would love
me less
but now like an old man
I'm proud of her
© Yelling Rosa
15/4 –20

maanantai 30. maaliskuuta 2020


When I Was

When I was a little boy, I liked to sit in the forest
And looking at how the wind lulled the leaves,
And grass and my reddish hair.
Soon I was sure that all living things breathed
in the same beat, and most of the times,
The harmony rules all beings of the earth.
I told my parents about this happiness
But they weren’t happy.
They worried that the child
isn’t healthy.
At the age of ten, I stood on the bus platform
And we watched how to thick smoke came
From the tailpipes of the vehicles.
I asked my friend would all that gas
Disappear in the air.
He laughed at me:
Of course, it will vanish.
His attitude insults me
And I added angrily:
If it didn’t, there should be
The hole in the sky
For it to go away,
But that whole
Is not possible,
Cause the air
Would die away.
On the sixth grade
I said to my teacher
Who looked down on her
Nose the animal kingdom,
That animals have feelings
And they even think.
The teacher of the biology
Commended me out of the class:
”You are disturbing the lesson.”
When I was at my middle ages
They started globalization.
I realized right away that it wouldn’t
Work in the long run,
But people considered
Me to be a pessimist.
Just now I see
How the virus cor20 and more
Is behind the corner, but nobody cares.
They are sure that everything is back normal
After some months or so.
The world doesn’t need any extra cautions.

I have been in two minds about publishing this poem. I know that people won’t believe anything in time, but the reason for this poem can be elsewhere. I let you decide what it might be. I deny the comments this time because I have no patience to listen to how it wouldn’t be time for U-turn to save humankind.

Always when someone is talking about the U-turn, the message is argued against by saying that humankind can’t go backward. For them, I reply that how many milliards years it is backward when the globe is not surrounded by decent oxygen.