torstai 27. heinäkuuta 2017

Silloin on huonosti asiat

Silloin on huonosti asiat,
kun tallovat hevoset
viljapellot mullaksi,
halla raiskaa tyttäret
ja pojat kykynsä
© Yelling Rosa
2/7 –17

Obelix by © Yelling Rosa 2017 E001

Then things are really difficult

Then things are really difficult
When horses are galloping in the wheat fields
The frost rapes the daughters
And sons grow sterile.
© Yelling Rosa
2/7 –17

Obelix by © Yelling Rosa 2017 E002

Dann geht es einem wirklich schlecht

Dann geht es einem wirklich schlecht
wenn Pferde das Korn in den Boden treten
der Frost die Töchter vergewaltigt
und Söhne steril geboren werden.
© Yelling Rosa
2/7 -17

lauantai 22. heinäkuuta 2017


Please  read this with love …

Because less than 2 percent of the population gain mostly all the profits of the world, and they dictate the rules how this world is led, it is not accurate to speak about globalism. Fewbalism would be a good word but it is not logical alternative because the globalism word is derived from the Latin word globus and the word few comes from the English languages. The Latin equivalent is paucus.

Globus means ‘ball, sphere, (mil) troop; it also means mass, crowd’

Paucus means ‘few, little; the selected few’ both according to Collins Latin Concise Dictionary as well other dictionaries.

Don’t let yourself be misled. The future of the world is not a party political issue. It is a question of the existence of the whole humankind. If this rumba keeps on going on there will be very little to share. All the confusion around us is related to the unfair deal on the economy and resources on earth. And don’t point out those who are saying that own homeland is best place for any human being to live by calling them racists. People don’t leave their homes because they want to do it but because they are forced in the ropes, and they prefer even the crossing the Mediterranean in the row boat to staying at home.

The paucalism must be changed to the real globalism where people are able to have influence on what is going on in this world. At the moment the most of the politics are puppets who serve only the most richest person in the world. I don’t believe that they (politics) are doing this because of evilness but they are lost in the liberalism as well as the rich. The economical liberalism is invented at the time when there weren’t so much people in the world as today and the consumption didn’t run amok without speaking the technical revolutions which started in the 19th century and the greenhouse effect.

If you agree anything with this post, please keep on sending the picture below. You don’t need to even use this slogan card but you are allowed to do your own. The idea is the most important point here: to open the eyes to see where we are going at the moment, and to realize that old ideologies are not the case. Every now and then in the history the Populus has been forced to take more responsibilities and this is one of those epochs. 

Paucus © Yelling Rosa 2017

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