tiistai 16. syyskuuta 2014


kinuu seksii mult, mut ei kyl nappaa.
Mä oon sillei frigidi ikäkausil.
Jos sil on jotain jutskaa
syöksyköön mun punkkaan
hirmumyrskyy rajummi,
ja mä oon valmis duunaa sen
niin ku jäät flygaa joest kevääl
korkeel vuoristos mis mä oon
syntyny ja budjannu.
© Yelling Rosa
16/9 –14

Lisää suomenkielisiä runojani täältä.


is trying to have foreplay
with me but I am not excited.
I am frigid among stages of life.
If she’s got something to say
just rush into my bed harder than a hurricane
and I am willing to make it like the river
blows up ice cover early in spring
in the proud mountains
where I was born
and lived.
© Yelling Rosa
16/9 –14

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tiistai 9. syyskuuta 2014

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sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2014


Only an Ordinary Guy


We all are ordinary guys.
Is that the reason for us
To find so easily amazing features in others.
And still an extraordinary man is only the ordinary guy
Who can express the everyday life in a special way.
If we trusted a bit more ourselves,
respected more life without the embellishing
these so called extraordinary characters
could be more common like
and wouldn't collapsed
on the road
too soon.
©Yelling Rosa


When I red bloggers' introductions here on WordPress, I found often the sentence: I am just an ordinary guy (read: woman or man) who... It told me that we are not automatically interested in being something special, even though we are often advised to make something remarkable out of our lives. Unfortunately there are always some people who accept the challenge and try to become famous. The unhappiest of all are those knights who do this out of their humanity. They want to bring happiness around them. Perhaps they have adopted this role early in their childhood and can't ever be among the audience. No matter how much they are worshipped in the end of the day they are just human beings who need love and who are best comforted when they can be their own little selves.

We could be their shoulder but we are so much confused with this Should-Be-Life that we don't see the point. The enormous information torrent is coming to our lives from every hole and gap. That chaos is built up from the millions and millions of advices which tell us how we should act in order to be happy, decent, loved, good and so … We, who are the gregarious animals, believe these advices because they seem to come from the reliable sources, and because the information are well-addressed just for you and me. This circle reinforces the situation where the leaders (the information makers) are keeping us on a lead. This is not only inhuman but very dangerous as the lemmings follow their leaders even in the ravine.

Those in charge are not evil persons. They believe that they are doing the right thing but the only right thing is to be an ordinary guy who realizes his/hers pros and cons. After that it is not a complicated thing to understand that the fellowmen are also ordinary guys who need same things as I do. This reality gives us those super powers we now see only in others. The weakness makes us strong, and most of all reasonable.

If we really think the famous celebrates we realize that we respect them when they are skilled but love them when they are human beings. Unfortunately their human like nature comes to our knowledge too late from their point of view. When they are left this planet we are able to read their weaknesses (drugs, alcohol) and we realize that they must have been lonely with all the expectations we have dumped onto their shoulders. It is not easy to say that I am only a common guy when you are idolized by millions. Perhaps these extraordinary human beings think that it would be arrogant because the fans have given them all they got.

In the eighties I wrote an aphorism:

The Question

The question
is not about coming
not about going
it is about
©Yelling Rosa

So that let's be small and let others be even smaller when they need that and support them during the bad times as well when the good days are in their lives.

lauantai 6. syyskuuta 2014

Apua kaivataan


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