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The table below was my starting point where I started to translate my aphorism "Unelma" into Russian. It is from my second poem collection, "Paljon on meneillään", published in 1994, ISBN 951-97103-0-2. As you can see that I haven't conjugated Russian verbs neither inflected nouns.









который не

katoryj ne

joka ei

which don't









моя жизнь, f

maja žyznj


my life

которая не летает,
несёт мою жизнь.

© Yelling Rosa


This is the result which i have got from using dictionaries, grammar books, Google translator and search.

joka ei lennä,
kantaa elämääni.
© Yelling Rosa

The dream,
Which doesn’t fly,
Carries my life.
© Yelling Rosa

Even though there are a few unsolved questions. Firstly, I’m not sure does the word “мечта» mean both “unelma” (dream) and “haave” (dream). In Finnish these words have different meanings. “Unelma” is something which can be realized but “haave” is a castle in the air. Perhaps this is the case in Russian as well.

Secondly, I am not sure if I have conjugated the feminine word “жизнь” (life) correctly. The Google search gave me the sentence: Я читал газету. = I read my newspaper => This tells me that nominative is not the same than accusative at least when we talk about the feminine word “газета” (newspaper).

On the other hand, I found the video “Юрий Антонов Несёт меня течение” where the accusative of the word “течение” (current) is the same as the nominative. Perhaps this is the case with the word the жизнь (life).


If I had a good luck everything is in order, otherwise not. I feel that i have at least 55 % chance to have a correct translation. I would appreciate if there is someone who could give more information on this. In this case I can speak about the translation because the text runs without figure of speech and has no idiomatic language. The birds fly everywhere in a same way and we carry things in only one way. Still, even I say it myself, this aphorism has a message. In fact, it was my style to hide a surprise inside the most common phrases. Many people, who have read the book, say that the method works. I am not saying this in order to show off, but to tell the original idea of the expression. Sometimes any kind of translation is impossible from one language into another.

Moreover, perhaps the English version doesn’t work. I have mostly written my English poems using English because translating is a dangerous business.

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How to Write English Differently

As a member of outside English language family I have always been fed up with the way the English language is written. Even Stephen Pollington says in his book Wordcraft (ISBN 9781898281535) on the page 16: “Unlike modern English, where a number of spelling traditions have been unhappily brought together and produced chaos, Old English spelling is generally very straightforward”. Some pronunciation symbols here come from his book and some other from the dictionaries.

The Letter A in English © Yelling Rosa

Add when it sounds: ə, æ, ʌ, but not when [a] is pronounced [ei], as it should be pronounced. Symbols must be use also when other letters sound as described at the beginning this chapter. What about sound “ph”? It must be “f”. Ou is ə. “Th” is ð.

We mʌst əkʌstem people to ðə précis fysical exæminaʃən so ðæt ðey nəu how precəs it is now.
=> We must accustom people to the precise physical examination so that they know how preceous it is now.

I don’t understand where have the English people got their pronunciation because a is pronounced mainly in French as [a] and in Latin also. Perhaps it comes from the Old English somehow.

Of course those symbols could be different but the main idea is to minimize the confusion. This is only a quickly made pattern, and the final works should be done at English universities by their linguists with the help of computers. That’s why I left the word people untouched because I don’t know if eo is always ii.

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