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Experienced in These Years

Too much, I have experienced in these years,
Too many are those who owe me tears.
I remember that gray platform
Where the rain carried a friend.

The refrain:

Then do not bloom
My dear apple trees,
Neither anyone whispered in my ear:
Darling, do not forget me.

Never have I been afraid
Yet on this trip until tomorrow.
Little boy has avoided the dangers
side by side the kind woman reflection.

The refrain:

I know the mothers weeping eyelids
Do not explain the words out loud,
They just give their boys love for guidance
and prayers for protection.

The final two times:

Now bloom my dear
Sacred apple trees.
They have the heavenly scent,
The fragrance that never go away.
©Yelling Rosa
in December 1982


I have written this song in December 1982 after reading Salvatore Quasimodo’s poem Letter to My Mother and while the rain gently fingered the face of my window. The plot of the poem and the raindrops brought some memories in my mind. I was forced to admit that I have been many places where I couldn’t manage without my positive childhood experiences just like Salvatore. I have stood alone on the platform of farewell like our poet.

The white apple tree blossom is the symbol of the purity in the Karelian folklore where my family is from. Somehow I always smell their scent when I return in my happy childhood. That’s why when the character of the song starts his journey there is no sign of the blossom. He is totally alone and depressed but when time goes on he grows stronger by remembering positive things. In the end he is even grateful for the life and praises the motherly love.

The record Läpi näiden vuosien (Experienced in these years) is published early in 1983. Here I perform this song with the guitar accompaniment during the live concert in summer 1983. First you will see some information in Finnish on video but don’t worry performance will soon begin. In that time I used my real name Ilkka Pakarinen as I always do when I am not in the role of the poet.

This translation explains the story of the song but is not similar in appearance with the Finnish syllable amount. The verse lines are equal.

I hope you enjoy travelling with me in the spirit, that the sun will shine also on the heap of the brushwood (Finnish Proverb).

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