tiistai 19. huhtikuuta 2016

The Good Citizen

I want to go into the deepest forest I can ever find and forget the self-satisfied world because it has abandoned me in the first day of my life. Uncommon people are doomed to loneliness forever. I just run through the judgment so that everyone should be happy in the future. The good citizen I am.
© Yelling Rosa
19/4 –16

001 Den duktiga medborgaren E022

Den duktiga medborgaren

Jag vill gå i den djupaste skogen jag kan någonsin finna och glömma bort den självtillräckliga världen därför att den har lämnad mig i den första dagen av mitt liv. Annorlunda människor är dömda till ensamheten för evigt. Jag bara kör genom domen så att alla borde vara lyckliga i framtiden. Den duktiga medborgaren är jag.
© Yelling Rosa
19/4 –16


1) When the poem is written in first person singular it means the one who is speaking, is the same creature who carries out action the poem reveals. If the reader thinks that the author is the doer, when he/she isn’t, it most likely flattens the idea, atmosphere and story; the whole narration of poem under its real quantity. It also gives a wrong picture about the author’s personality. The first person singular has strong concrete influence on us and can lead us astray in spite of how sophisticated we are, but on the other hand it takes us straight into the eye of the storm or the serenity.

2) Why the doer of the poem, who is not an author, is a good citizen?

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