torstai 23. marraskuuta 2017

The Ginger Free Grammar Checker

I have been thinking for some time now that I would give up from the English language because it is so difficult one. Then I decided to give it one more chance when I came across the free Ginger Grammar Checker. I am in trouble, particularly with the English prepositions and Ginger is able to straighten some of my mistakes, but for example the word order is a difficult task for it. Why you are such a stubborn? Sometimes it takes a lot of time while some corrections are made, but the interrogative sentences stay in the wrong way.

If I liked to have the pronunciation feature I should upgrade to the Premium version. Look the picture below.

03 Ginger

An example of the translation feature => törmäsin = I came across, pls see the first chapter:

01 Ginger

Do must be make:

02 Ginger

“with them but” was pure nonsense

Having played some time now with Ginger tonight, I must admit that it is a great help for anyone who likes to improve his/her English. Time will tell if it helps me to stick to English. Another alternative is Swedish and/or Finnish.

Read more about Ginger at:

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