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Love for a Little While

Foreword to the song

My song named Love for a Little While (Keskustelu motellissa) is on the background of my Xmas Card by Yelling Rosa Video. Video tells how we can add own greetings to the postcard using PhotoScape Photo Editor. Many may wonder what that song has to do with Christmas. The relation is temporal. I was on tour before Christmas Season in 1980s. There and here were bigger or smaller conflicts which didn’t respect at all the Christmas spirit. Radio, television and newspapers told about the violent conflicts in the world. At that same time I met a soul mate at one of those taverns where I stayed overnight. We talked about violence on earth. Our conversation and news popped up on the paper and my song saw the daylight.

We, a man and a woman, are confused about situation. Somehow it seems to us that we don’t have a right for a personal happiness when there is so much sorrow around us. Finally we decide to give a chance for intimacy and let the candle of love light. Words follow a stream of consciousness in order to keep the knotty context alive simultaneously with the flame of tenderness. Below words like they are on the video. The song is recorded in 1992 at my friend’s studio in Tornio. Aaron Anttoni and I had a duo called Forelli. I sing the song and Aaron accompanies me and sings a second voice. You can read more about us in Finnish at http://www.yellingrosa.com/musiikki01.htm

More about the postcard at https://yellingrosa.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/blue-eyes-wish-you-merry-christmas-and-bright-new-year/

Keskustelu motellissa (Yelling Rosa)

Love for a Little While (Yelling Rosa)

1. 1.
Olen kiertänyt majatalot, I have gone through the taverns,
likaa lattioilla, dirt on the floors,
ryppyisiä lehtiä, iltauutisia, wrinkled newspapers, evening news,
verta kaikkialla: blood everywhere;
verta asvaltilla, verta kaakeleilla, blood on the asphalt, blood on the tiled walls,
verta hietikolla blood on the sand
ja sinä kysyt, kuka osaa and you’re asking me who knows
rakastaa. How to love.
Kertosäe Chorus
Mä vastaan sulle, ei kukaan, I’m telling you, nobody,
mä vastaan sulle, ei kukaan. I’m telling you nobody.
Kukaan ei osaa täällä Nobody here knows
rakastaa. How to love.
2. 2.
Se estä ei sua riisumasta It won’t stop you from undressing
iltapukuasi, your evening gown,
meitä yhdessä sytyttämästä us together from lightning a candle
pöydällä kynttilää. On the table.
vai tahdotko meille maailman luoda or do you want to create the world
ilman vääryyksiä without injustices
ja minä sanon, sellaista ei and I’m telling you, there’s not
olekaan. Such a thing.
Kertosäe Chorus
Sä puhut mulle maailmaa You’re talking about the world,
aivan omaa maailmaa, your very own world,
jossa voisit hetken aikaa where you could love
rakastaa. For a little while.
© Yelling Rosa Production  

Please, be patient it might take a little while before you see the video below.

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