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The International Language of Music

It is said that music is the international language. Being so, without lining the largely arguments, I dare to take the liberty to introduce some of my songs in Finnish which I have uploaded to YouTube. The first one is called Suprusuu, a person whose lips looks like they were ready to kiss someone. The Second one is named Kannan tunturilla, I am carrying a little baby child in my arms.

Suprusuu is a humorous story about the young lad who leaves his love one in the countryside and moves to the city to get better life but he doesn’t like it in the city. He is constantly longing for his pretty sensual mouth girlfriend. Finally he decides return back to his rural home. When the decision is made he almost flies in the air wondering if his girl is still waiting for him. You find the video here.

I have recorded Suprusuu with my good friend Aarre Hakomäki straight off. The song is born at the same time it was extemporized by us. We hardly had time to switch the radio recorder on so the quality of the sound is not the best of all but the feeling is unique.

Kannan tunturilla is a nice story about the mother who is carrying her baby child in her arms and wandering in the mountains. She is charmed by the beauty of nature where she sees willow ptarmigans, reindeers and the dancing sorrels in the wind. Her gratitude to life is overwhelming. You find the video here.

Kannan tunturilla is one of the songs from the Hiljaisia lauluja album. I made the album with Jouni Juola in 1996. I made the lyrics and melody of this particularly song and Jouni sang it. On the album there are also some of Jouni’s songs. We played the instruments together. If we translate Hiljaisia lauluja straight from Finnish to English we get the equivalent Silent songs but of course we are talking about the peaceful and lightened songs. The postcards on the video are made by me and you find them here.

I hope that the idea and feeling of these songs would reach you even though you didn’t speak Finnish.

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