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Linux Format March 2016 is browsed

Open Letter to Linux Format Editorial Stuff and Linux Programmers

I bought every month Linux Format Magazine in order to find something that really helps me. Almost without exception I am forced to be disappointed because I belong to that large group of people who try to get some financial benefit by using Linux machine. Using Windows is almost too expensive to me, but I don’t have a choice as Linux doesn’t work as well as Windows. On the other hand I don’t understand why Linux operation system exists. It is not a very good reason that boys have something to play with. I’m sure that they defend themselves by saying that it is their right in the free world. Of course it is but being so it is not a fair thing to write that Linux is as user friendly operating system as Windows, which happened in your previous issue on the page 35.

I can assure to you that all my Windows applications don’t work via WINE on Linux, my printer doesn’t work at all and my MIDI files are dumb even though I have installed all the needed code screws and bolts. All problems on Linux are due to its so called freedom. Instead of inventing something really new programmers invent the wheel all over again. From the users’ point of view it would be much better if there is one Linux distro which works properly than uncountable amount of systems that work almost all right. All those distro codes might be poetry to programmers but not to every day users.

I have seen from your magazine that United Linux exist but with the light results at least when it comes to user-friendliness. If you really want to help ordinary computer users, try to build up the installing packages that do the job from a to z. When you add some software, let’s say for example some MIDI editor, on your DVD compose the package that automatically install all needed code and plug-ins including the software itself. When your package has done the job, users don’t have to take care of anything which is connected to midi files. You can call those little packages with the name “Packo”, and launch the custom where you invite every month one programmer to take into consider everything from the scratch to the end. Who knows if Linux programmers start to compete with Packos instead of Distros.

You don’t know how happy I am now when I can count on you, Linux Format Editorial Stuff. Next month my midi player and editor on Mint Linux will praise you loud and clear. And this is not all, on May you will surprise me with the guess me Packo. It could be Packo that sniffs the web and found all the missing printer drivers without me doing nothing. Well, any package will make me happy because I know that they will diminish overlapping code in a long run.

All right welcome back to earth,
a man in the street to whom the computer is a tool

All the best to you
Yelling Rosa,
A Poor poet

Linux Format March 2016 Cover

Linux Format Feb 2015_thumb[3][6]

Linux Format (UK) is a decent magazine but too Linux introspective. For example Android operating system is often criticized in vain. I haven’t had any setbacks with my Android laptop but with Linux a lot. Of course, Linux applications are in the different league but for example my midi music works on Android.

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