maanantai 14. maaliskuuta 2016

The Beginning Is the End

The Prayer of All Goods Heart

Oh, my Lord, my Captain,
Love us more, love us strongly,
Because without your charity
We are stupid.
Lord shake us so hard
That our eyeballs will fly
To the nearest rose garden
And stay there seeing
The beauty of your work
And we forget to think
The world of ourselves.
That stance makes us
The nature rapists
we are now.
Yes, yes, I know
It should be our duty
To make things right
But you see how we are
Just blaming you
For our crimes.
Of course, you can’t turn
The planet go anticlockwise
But just do it to us
And I will walk without shoes
For the rest of my life
As I hate to see your
Good intension of creation
To be foiled.
© Yelling Rosa
19/8 -15

Endless Amount of Light by Yelling Rosa 2016 001

Endless Amount of Light

The fiery hearse of death running in the dark
Towards me and rip me off this world.
The light is infinite at the moment
It is said to fast vanish away.
It’s funny to believe others
Without hearing
© Yelling Rosa
6/11 –15

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